Cruises from Belfast

Depart from Belfast, Northern Ireland for your dream's holiday cruise to the British Isles, and countless more Northern European sites. Cruises from Belfast are easily accessible for visitors from all around Northern Ireland, with the port enjoying good access to the highway network and adjacent airports allowing for seamless trips to the terminal. The port is situated on the Lagan River, which flows into the Irish Sea. There are two cruise ship piers in Port Belfast. Stormont Dock (Belfast Harbour) is approximately 5 kilometers north of city and is utilized by larger liners. Pollock Dock is a berthing area for smaller vessels. Belfast Castle and Belfast City Hall are historic sites, and the city offers a distinct blend of traditional and modern culture. There are bustling bars, a unique culinary culture, historic buildings, boutique shopping, and a plethora of museums where you can learn about history, science, literature, and other subjects. Belfast is also the birthplace of the Titanic, and the city's industrial background has moulded it into a culturally rich city. From Belfast, take a cruise to Northern European sites such as the Norwegian Fjords.

Cruises out of Belfast 2022

Belfast port include itinerary with Oceania Cruises, and other cruise line.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Take a memorable cruise adventure from Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2022 to Baltic Sea, Scandinavian & Norwegian Fjords. Belfast is Northern Ireland's capital. If passing through as part of a cruise, be sure to head straight for the so-called Golden Mile, which runs from Belfast City Hall to Queen's University, and is where you'll find the majority of the city's historic attractions as well as its best bars, restaurants and cafes. Easily find and compare cruises out of Belfast cruise port in 2022 with destinetions to British Isles, and many more.

Cruises out of Belfast 2022

Belfast is an excellent departure point for 2022 cruises along Norway’s west coast to the North Cape and the midnight sun. Ship schedule 2022 from Belfast includes Norway and Norwegian Fjords, Scandinavia, Baltic Sea, British Isles, Iceland and the Arctic cruises.

Belfast, Northern Ireland Cruise Timetable

Cruise Name Cruise Line Cruise Ship Duration Date

Ireland from Belfast

Oceania Cruises Riviera 8 day June 21, 2023
Ports of Call: Belfast, Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Bantry Bay, Galway, Killybegs, Londonderry, Belfast.

British Isles from Belfast

Oceania Cruises Riviera 10 day June 29, 2023
Ports of Call: Belfast, Dublin, Cork, Bantry Bay, Killybegs, Stornoway, Kirkwall, Edinburgh, Newcastle, At Sea, Southampton.