Cruises from London Portsmouth, UK

The cruise port at Portsmouth is situated in close proximity to the Historic Naval Dockyard. Both the road and the rail network provide convenient access to the passenger terminal from London. Cruise ships that depart from Portsmouth travel to the British Isles, France, Spain, the Baltic, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, and the Azores, among other destinations. When you look out from the viewing deck at the ports in Portsmouth, you have an equal chance of seeing vessels belonging to Her Majesty's Navy as you do cruise ships and ferries. Portsmouth has a long and illustrious history of maritime accomplishments. Those interested in the nautical history of Great Britain will also find the Mary Rose museum to be an interesting way to spend a few hours. You can see up to 26 miles away across the southern coast of England and the channel beyond from the Emirates Spinnaker, which is another tourist attraction in Portsmouth that is literally well worth the look. This tower that dominates the waterfront is 200 feet tall and stands out against the backdrop of the city. In addition, the D-day tale is an interesting museum that tells the story of Portsmouth's role in the commencement of the liberation of Nazi Europe in 1944. Depart from London Portsmouth, UK for your dreams holiday cruise to the Baltic, British Isles, and countless more Northern European sites.

Cruises out of London Portsmouth 2023

London Portsmouth port include itinerary with Oceania Cruises, and other cruise line.

London Portsmouth, UK

Take a memorable cruise adventure from London Portsmouth, UK in 2023 to Baltic Sea, Scandinavian & Norwegian Fjords. Portsmouth International Port is perfectly positioned for ferries to France, Spain & the Channel Islands. Easily find and compare cruises out of London Portsmouth cruise port in 2023 with destinetions to Baltic, British Isles, and many more.

Calendars, Cruise Ship Itinerary and Cruise Port Schedule out of London Portsmouth, UK

London Portsmouth is an excellent departure point for 2023 cruises along Norway’s west coast to the North Cape and the midnight sun. Ship schedule 2023 from London Portsmouth includes Norway and Norwegian Fjords, Scandinavia, Baltic Sea, British Isles, Iceland and the Arctic cruises.

London Portsmouth, UK Cruise Timetable

Cruise Name Cruise Line Cruise Ship Duration Date

British Isles from London Portsmouth

Oceania Cruises Riviera 10 day August 23, 2023
Ports of Call: London Portsmouth, At Sea, Newcastle, Dundee, Lerwick, Stornoway, Killybegs, Belfast, Cork, Portland, London Portsmouth.

Baltic from London Portsmouth

Oceania Cruises Riviera 12 day September 2, 2023
Ports of Call: London Portsmouth, Le Havre, Rotterdam, At Sea, Gothenburg, At Sea, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Stockholm, At Sea, Copenhagen.

Baltic from London Portsmouth

Oceania Cruises Marina 14 day September 3, 2023
Ports of Call: London Portsmouth, Bruges, At Sea, Copenhagen, Warnemunde, At Sea, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, At Sea, At Sea, Zeeland, London Portsmouth.