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Crystal Cruises

Embark on an unforgettable voyage with Crystal Cruises, a premier choice for luxury cruising that promises an immersive exploration of Northern Europe's captivating landscapes. Experience the wonder of the Arctic, the allure of the Baltic, the majesty of the Norwegian Fjords, and much more on an exquisite journey curated by this renowned cruise line. Crystal Cruises are lauded for providing unrivaled experiences that expertly intertwine nature's untouched wilderness with luxurious comforts and amenities. Set sail under the ethereal glow of the Northern Lights or bask in the extended daylight of the Midnight Sun, while relishing in the unmatched quality that Crystal Cruises represents.

Crystal Cruises stands as a beacon of luxury in the cruise industry, consistently applauded for its commitment to delivering an exceptional guest experience. For Northern Europe cruises, Crystal Cruises employs its signature Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity ships, each a paragon of grandeur and refinement that exceeds the size and extravagance of typical cruise vessels. These ships mirror the brand's upscale reputation, offering an elevated cruise experience that, while not the cheapest, guarantees value for money through unmatched service and amenities. Opting for a Northern European cruise with Crystal Cruises is choosing a journey that embodies the essence of luxury travel.

Onboard Crystal Cruises

Onboard a Crystal Cruise ship, an impressive array of amenities awaits each guest. A myriad of dining options from Michelin-inspired eateries to global fusion cuisine ensures a culinary journey that matches the geographic one. Wellness and relaxation seekers will find solace in the full-service spa and fitness center, while the ship's extensive entertainment and enrichment programs promise engaging activities for every preference. With Broadway-style shows, engaging lectures, and live music evenings, the onboard experience is as enthralling as the ports of call. Aboard the Crystal Symphony. or any other ships within the Crystal Cruises fleet journeying along the Northern European coastline and further, guests are constantly engaged with a plethora of activities.

Crystal Cruises offers a wealth of package options tailored to ensure an unforgettable Northern Europe cruising experience. From the simple fare packages that cover accommodation and meals to the all-inclusive options that cater to every whim, there's a package for every type of traveler. Crystal Cruises also offers a host of offshore excursions designed to highlight the region's natural beauty and cultural heritage. Whether it's exploring the rugged landscapes of Svalbard, delving into the history of the British Isles, or marvelling at the natural phenomena in Iceland, the choice is yours to create the perfect journey.


Northern European cruises with Crystal Cruises typically range from seven to fifteen days, granting ample time to discover the region's diverse destinations. Expect to dock at the iconic ports of Scandinavia, the British Isles, and the Baltic, with opportunities to witness the beauty of more remote locations like Greenland and Svalbard from the ship's deck. Experience the marvel of the Northern Lights in Iceland, or the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun in the Norwegian Fjords. Alongside this, Crystal offers a variety of shore excursions, allowing guests to truly immerse in each destination's unique cultural and natural splendors. Embark on a Crystal Cruises and navigate through the mesmerizing locales of Northern Europe including the Baltic, the cultural hub of the British Isles, the geothermal spectacle of Iceland, the diverse tapestry of Northern Europe, and the rich history of Western Europe. With Crystal Cruises, explore these enchanting destinations and the mythical lands that extend beyond.

Departure Ports

Setting sail on a Northern European cruise with Crystal Cruises, guests can expect to depart from a variety of charming and historic ports. From the bustling port of Copenhagen with its iconic mermaid statue, to the stately port of Southampton, each departure location presents a prelude to the enchanting journey that lies ahead. Enjoy exploring these diverse ports, each rich in history, culture, and local culinary delights, before embarking on your luxurious Crystal cruise. Explore further details about Crystal Cruises, departing from vibrant ports such as Copenhagen, Dover, Reykjavik, and Stockholm. Each itinerary is meticulously planned, offering travelers a unique opportunity to embark on a fascinating journey from these dynamic cities.

Crystal Cruises Cruise Schedule 2024

Choosing Crystal Cruises for a Northern European journey is choosing a harmonious blend of luxury, adventure, and cultural immersion. The unrivaled service, comprehensive package options, and an array of onboard amenities make each journey an unforgettable experience. Whether it's the majestic Norwegian Fjords, the mesmerizing Northern Lights, or the timeless charm of the Baltic, Crystal Cruises ensures you savor every moment. So, step aboard, indulge in the journey, and let the unparalleled beauty of Northern Europe unfold before your eyes with Crystal Cruises.

Please note that port orders, dates, and itinerary details, including content, are subject to change. Verify specific details for your chosen sailing date on the Crystal Cruises website.