Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises

Embark on a thrilling voyage with Costa Cruises, a leading name in European cruising renowned for crafting distinctive experiences. Explore the enchanting landscapes of Northern Europe, including the Arctic's ice-capped wonders, the stunning fjords of Norway, the ancient cultures of the Baltic, and beyond. Costa Cruises opens up the opportunity to witness these beautiful landscapes and the untouched wilderness that Northern Europe is celebrated for. Traverse the magical realm under the radiant Midnight Sun or the enchanting Northern Lights, while relishing the remarkable comforts offered by Costa Cruises.

Costa Cruises, with its Italian roots and European flair, holds a strong reputation in the world of affordable yet exciting cruises. In the realm of Northern European voyages, Costa Cruises employs its mid-sized Luminosa and Deliziosa class ships, that, while not as large as some competitors, offer a cosy, comfortable environment. Despite not being considered a luxury line, Costa Cruises excels in delivering a fantastic cruise experience that exceeds its price point. The line offers a solid blend of comfort, entertainment, and exploration, ensuring that a trip with Costa Cruises is both affordable and unforgettable.

Onboard Costa Cruises

A Costa Cruise voyage promises an array of enticing amenities and services onboard. A selection of delectable dining options, drawing from the cruise line's Italian heritage, promises to tantalize your taste buds. Wellness enthusiasts can take advantage of the fully equipped spa and fitness centers, while those seeking entertainment will not be disappointed with the theatres showcasing vibrant shows and the bustling casino. Interactive activities, from cooking classes to dance lessons, ensure that there is never a dull moment onboard a Costa Cruise in Northern Europe. Aboard the Costa Diadema and Costa Favolosa, or any other ships within the Costa Cruises fleet journeying along the Northern European coastline and further, guests are constantly engaged with a plethora of activities.

Costa Cruises offers a wide variety of package options designed to cater to every traveler's needs. From basic packages that cover accommodation and meals, to all-inclusive options that include beverages and select onboard activities, there is a package to suit every preference and budget. Costa Cruises also extends a choice of carefully curated offshore excursions, adding depth to your Northern European adventure. Whether it's delving into the vibrant culture of the British Isles, exploring the icy wilderness of Svalbard, or witnessing Iceland's famed Northern Lights, Costa Cruises provides the platform for an unforgettable journey.


Costa Cruises' Northern Europe journeys typically span from seven to fourteen days, giving passengers an ample window to immerse themselves in the region's natural splendors and cultural diversity. Destinations include the iconic ports of Scandinavia, the British Isles, and the Baltic, while also offering views of more remote locales like Greenland and Svalbard from the ship. Witness the wonder of the Northern Lights in Iceland, or the enchanting Midnight Sun in the Norwegian Fjords. A range of shore excursions complements these voyages, providing passengers with the opportunity to experience first-hand the unique wonders that each destination holds. Embark on a Costa Cruises and navigate through the mesmerizing locales of Northern Europe including the cultural hub of the British Isles, the expansive wilderness of Greenland, the geothermal spectacle of Iceland, the ethereal Midnight Sun, the scenic landscapes of the North Cape, and the majestic Norwegian Fjords. With Costa Cruises, explore these enchanting destinations and the mythical lands that extend beyond.

Departure Ports

Departing on a Costa Cruise in Northern Europe, guests will experience some of the region's most dynamic and intriguing ports. From the bustling maritime city of Amsterdam, to the historic waterfront of Stockholm, each departure port presents a fascinating prologue to the voyage ahead. These ports are not just stepping stones to your journey, but destinations in their own right, boasting rich histories, vibrant cultures, and tantalizing cuisines that invite exploration before you even set sail. Explore further details about Costa Cruises, departing from vibrant ports such as Copenhagen, Hamburg, and Kiel. Each itinerary is meticulously planned, offering travelers a unique opportunity to embark on a fascinating journey from these dynamic cities.

Costa Cruises Cruise Schedule 2024

Choosing Costa Cruises for a Northern European voyage presents a blend of exciting destinations, affordable packages, and a bevy of onboard comforts and entertainments. Traverse the mesmerizing Arctic landscapes, the picturesque Norwegian Fjords, or the culturally-rich Baltic under the ethereal Northern Lights or the mesmerizing Midnight Sun. Each day on a Costa Cruise brings a new adventure, a new story, and a new chance to create unforgettable memories. Step aboard and let the magic of Northern Europe unfold on your journey with Costa Cruises.

Costa Cruises Greenland 22-day route

22-day Greenland cruise from Hamburg

Costa Favolosa, Costa Cruises

Date: July 7, 2024

Ports of Call: Hamburg, Seydisfjordur, Akureyri, Isafjordur, Prince Christian Sound, Qaqortoq, Qaqortoq, Nuuk, Nuuk, Reykjavik, Reykjavik, Kirkwall, Invergordon, Newhaven, Hamburg; View Itinerary

Please note that port orders, dates, and itinerary details, including content, are subject to change. Verify specific details for your chosen sailing date on the Costa Cruises website.