Cruises from Warnemunde (Rostock) 2023

Warnemunde (Rostock), GermanyTake a memorable cruise adventure from Warnemunde (Rostock), Germany in 2023. For cruise ships, Warnemunde (Rostock) serves as both a port of call and an embarkation port. The city of Warnemunde (Rostock) is home to a large number of interesting sights and cultural attractions that are sure to spark the attention of tourists.

As Germany's primary cruise port, Port Warnemunde-Rostock serves as a major destination for tourists. From May until October, the port welcomes cruise ships sailing the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, and the Norwegian Fjords.

Warnemunde, Germany

Located in the Rostock region, Warnemunde is a popular beach vacation spot. Fresh seafood from the Baltic Sea, magnificent cruise ships, and the beautiful Warnemunde beach are just the beginning of what Warnemunde has to offer. The northern neighborhoods of Rostock and the Baltic Sea can be seen from the top of the 37-meter tower of the Warnemunde Lighthouse during the summer. Teepott Leuchtturm is another well-known structure in Warnemunde.


Rostock is located on the Bay of Mecklenburg on the Baltic Sea, where the River Warnow empties into the sea. One of the world's oldest universities can be found in Rostock, a major port city. Rostock and Warnemünde play host to one of the world's largest yachting competitions on the weekend that falls between the second and third weekends in August each year.

What cruise lines depart from Warnemunde (Rostock)?

The port of Warnemunde (Rostock) is served by a variety of different cruise lines in 2023. These range from those oriented toward families to those that are more elegant and traditional. Warnemunde (Rostock) port includes itineraries with AIDA Cruises, MSC Cruises, and other cruise lines.

Destinations from Warnemunde (Rostock)

Cruises that leave from Warnemunde (Rostock) in 2023 can take you to a wide variety of destinations that are located all around Europe and even further beyond. Most commonly, cruises from Warnemunde (Rostock) go to exciting destinations such as the Baltic, Greenland, Norwegian Fjords, Scandinavia, and countless more Northern European sites.

The best time to take cruises from Warnemunde (Rostock)

Due to the region's moderately cold climate and short summers, there is a short window of opportunity for cruises to depart from Warnemunde (Rostock). The months of May to September, which are considered to be the peack seasons, are the best times to go on a cruise. However, if you want to see the Northern Lights, the best months are from December through March because during this time there are more hours of darkness and the night skies are cleaner. Explore cruises from Amsterdam that depart in the months of April 2023, May 2023, June 2023, July 2023, August 2023, September 2023, and October 2023.

Duration of cruises from Warnemunde (Rostock)

Cruise Lines offer itineraries from Warnemunde (Rostock) that range from 7 to 21 days. You can choose cruises lasting from 7-day, 11-day, and 21-day, depending on the length of your holiday.

Pick the perfect Warnemunde (Rostock) cruise

There are several cruise lines that offer and roundtrip sailings from Warnemunde (Rostock).

Warnemunde (Rostock), Germany Cruise Schedule 2023

Warnemunde (Rostock) is an excellent departure point for cruises along Norway’s west coast to the North Cape and the Midnight Sun. The ship schedule 2023 from Warnemunde (Rostock) can include Norway and Norwegian Fjords, Scandinavia, the Baltic Sea, the British Isles, Iceland, and the Arctic.