Cruises from Warnemunde (Rostock)

Warnemunde (Rostock), GermanyTake a memorable cruise adventure from Warnemunde (Rostock), Germany in 2023. For cruise ships, Warnemunde (Rostock) serves as both a port of call and an embarkation port. The city of Warnemunde (Rostock) is home to a large number of interesting sights and cultural attractions that are sure to spark the attention of tourists. Discover the charm of Warnemünde and Rostock, two delightful coastal cities in Germany that serve as departure ports for remarkable Northern Europe cruises. Situated along the Baltic Sea, these cities offer a perfect blend of historical treasures, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant maritime culture. From here, embark on an unforgettable journey to explore the diverse wonders of Northern Europe, including stunning fjords, captivating cities, and rich cultural heritage.

Port of Warnemunde (Rostock)

Ships typically depart from Warnemünde in the morning or early afternoon, allowing ample time for check-in and preparations. The general check-in time varies depending on the cruise line, but it is recommended to arrive a few hours prior to departure. In the harbor, you can soak in the vibrant atmosphere, admire the scenic views, and watch as ships set sail. The port and its surroundings offer a wide range of facilities, including parking, luggage services, and convenient transportation options, ensuring a smooth start to your cruise adventure.


Warnemünde boasts several cruise terminals, each equipped with modern amenities and services. The most prominent terminal is the Warnemünde Cruise Center, located near the lighthouse, which provides a seamless embarkation process and offers facilities like check-in counters, baggage handling, and customs clearance. Other terminals, such as the Hohe Düne Cruise Terminal, provide similar services and ensure a comfortable experience for passengers. These terminals offer a variety of shops, cafes, and tourist information centers, allowing you to make the most of your pre- or post-cruise time.

Arriving at the port is convenient, with options for transportation from both the airport and the city center. From Rostock-Laage Airport, located approximately 45 kilometers away, you can take a taxi or use public transportation to reach the port. The cities of Warnemünde and Rostock are well-connected by train, making it easy to reach the port from the city center or other parts of Germany. Local buses and taxis are also available for hassle-free transportation to the port.


Check-in procedures may vary depending on your cruise line and ship, but generally, it is recommended to complete the process a few hours before departure. Ensure you have your travel documents, including passports and cruise tickets, readily available for a smooth check-in experience. Once checked in, you can familiarize yourself with the ship's facilities, settle into your accommodations, and start your exciting cruise journey.

What cruise lines depart from Warnemunde (Rostock)?

The port of Warnemunde (Rostock) is served by a variety of different cruise lines in 2023. These range from those oriented toward families to those that are more elegant and traditional. Warnemunde (Rostock) port includes itineraries with AIDA Cruises, MSC Cruises, and other cruise lines.

Destinations from Warnemunde (Rostock)

Cruises that leave from Warnemunde (Rostock) in 2023 can take you to a wide variety of destinations that are located all around Europe and even further beyond. Most commonly, cruises from Warnemunde (Rostock) go to exciting destinations such as the Baltic, Greenland, Northern Lights, Norwegian Fjords, Scandinavia, and countless more Northern European sites.

Cruise Season

The best time to visit Warnemünde and Rostock is during the summer months when the weather is pleasant, and the cities come alive with outdoor activities and cultural events. However, the cruise season extends throughout the year, offering different experiences depending on the season. Spring and autumn provide milder temperatures and fewer crowds, ideal for exploring the cities and enjoying scenic coastal walks. Winter offers a unique charm, with Christmas markets and festive celebrations creating a cozy atmosphere.

Due to the region's moderately cold climate and short summers, there is a short window of opportunity for cruises to depart from Warnemunde (Rostock). The months of May to September, which are considered to be the peack seasons, are the best times to go on a cruise. However, if you want to see the Northern Lights, the best months are from December through March because during this time there are more hours of darkness and the night skies are cleaner. Explore cruises from Warnemunde (Rostock) that depart in the months of October 2023, April 2024, May 2024, June 2024, July 2024, August 2024, and September 2024.

Cruise Duration

Cruise Lines offer itineraries from Warnemunde (Rostock) that range from 5 to 21 days. You can choose cruises lasting from 5-day, 7-day, 10-day, 11-day, 14-day, and 21-day, depending on the length of your holiday.

Warnemunde (Rostock)

Warnemünde and Rostock offer a blend of history, culture, and seaside charm. Explore the idyllic streets of Warnemünde, lined with charming fishermen's cottages and bustling cafes. Take a stroll along the long sandy beach, visit the iconic lighthouse, and sample delicious seafood in the local restaurants. In Rostock, discover the rich history of this Hanseatic city through its well-preserved architecture, such as the stunning Rostock City Hall and the medieval St. Mary's Church. Delve into the lively atmosphere of the city's vibrant market squares and enjoy the bustling nightlife.

Warnemünde and Rostock have a fascinating cultural and historical heritage. Learn about the Hanseatic League, an influential trading alliance that shaped the region's history, or visit the Rostock Museum of Cultural History to delve deeper into the local culture. Explore the maritime traditions of Warnemünde, which is known for its fishing heritage and vibrant sailing scene. The cities also host various festivals and events throughout the year, offering a chance to immerse yourself in the local traditions and celebrations.


In Warnemünde and Rostock, you'll find a wealth of attractions and activities to suit every interest. Visit the fascinating Shipbuilding and Shipping Museum to discover the region's maritime history, or take a leisurely boat tour along the Warnow River. Explore the Rostock Zoo, home to a diverse range of animal species, or enjoy a leisurely bike ride along the scenic coastal paths. In Rostock's historic center, wander through charming streets, visit art galleries, or indulge in shopping at local boutiques and markets.

Food and Drink

Treat your taste buds to the culinary delights of the region, which boast a variety of local dishes and specialties. Sample fresh seafood, such as smoked fish or traditional fish soup, in the charming seaside restaurants of Warnemünde. In Rostock, savor hearty German cuisine, including local sausages, schnitzel, and delectable desserts. Wash it all down with a refreshing German beer or indulge in a glass of Rostock's traditional "Rostocker Bier," brewed in the city.


Warnemünde and Rostock offer a vibrant nightlife scene catering to different preferences. In Warnemünde, enjoy lively beachside bars and waterfront cafes, perfect for a relaxed evening with friends. In Rostock, explore the vibrant nightlife in the city center, with its cozy pubs, trendy bars, and live music venues. The cities also host cultural events, concerts, and festivals throughout the year, providing entertainment for all ages.


Warnemünde, a charming seaside town in Germany, embraces a festive spirit with a variety of events and celebrations throughout the year. One of the most prominent festivals is the Warnemünde Week, held in July, which combines thrilling sailing competitions, beach parties, live music, and culinary delights. During this vibrant week, the town's waterfront transforms into a hub of excitement and entertainment, attracting visitors from near and far. In August, the Warnemünde Cruise Festival takes center stage, welcoming majestic cruise ships from around the world with grand parades, firework displays, and a lively atmosphere. The Christmas Market in December adds a touch of magic to the town, as the streets are adorned with twinkling lights, festive decorations, and charming stalls offering delicious treats and handcrafted gifts. Whether it's the energetic summer festivities or the enchanting holiday spirit, Warnemünde offers a delightful selection of festivals that showcase the town's maritime heritage and create unforgettable experiences for locals and visitors alike.

Warnemunde (Rostock) Cruise Schedule 2023

Warnemünde and Rostock, with their rich history, captivating coastal landscapes, and vibrant maritime culture, provide an exceptional departure point for Northern Europe cruises. From exploring charming Baltic cities to immersing yourself in the awe-inspiring fjords, this region offers a multitude of fascinating destinations to discover. Delve into the local culture, enjoy the attractions and activities, savor the culinary delights, and experience the lively nightlife. With its convenient port facilities and exciting cruise itineraries, Warnemünde and Rostock promise an unforgettable journey for cruisers seeking to explore the wonders of Northern Europe. The ship schedule 2023 from Warnemunde (Rostock) can include Norway and Norwegian Fjords, Scandinavia, the Baltic Sea, the British Isles, Iceland, and the Arctic.

Cruises to Warnemunde (Rostock)

Warnemunde is a German port town on the Baltic Sea, near Rostock in Mecklenburg, Germany. Nearby, the Alter Strom canal is lined with shops and fishing boats. The Edvard Munch Haus, former home of the renowned expressionist painter, runs exhibitions and events. Rostock is the largest city in the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and lies at the mouth of the Warnow River on the Baltic Sea. It’s known for Rostock University, Rostock Botanical Garden and the Gothic St. Mary’s Church.

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