Le Havre (Paris)

Le Havre's culture and history are intricately tied to its maritime roots and its rebirth post the Second World War. Its innovative architecture, recognized by UNESCO, showcases the city's resilience and forward-thinking spirit. The local cultural scene is equally vibrant, with a variety of art galleries, music venues, and performing arts spaces adding to its charm.


Le Havre offers a myriad of attractions and activities to explore. From the striking architecture of Le Volcan cultural center to the tranquil beauty of the Hanging Gardens, there's something for every taste. The city's beach offers an ideal spot for relaxation, while the vibrant shopping district invites you to indulge in a retail therapy.

Food and Drink

The culinary scene in Le Havre is a delightful blend of traditional Normandy cuisine and international flavors. Seafood is a local staple, with dishes such as moules marinières (mussels in white wine) featuring prominently. The city also has a burgeoning café culture, where you can enjoy a leisurely café au lait paired with a slice of tarte normande, a local apple tart.


Le Havre's nightlife caters to a broad spectrum of interests. The city boasts an array of bars and clubs offering everything from live music to DJ sets. For those seeking a quieter evening, the city's theaters and cinemas offer a wide range of performances and screenings. There are also plenty of family-friendly options, making it an enjoyable destination for all ages.


Le Havre hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year. Highlights include the Summer Festival showcasing a range of musical performances, and the Autumn Festival celebrating contemporary arts. The city also observes traditional events such as the St. Vincent's Day, a tribute to the city's fishing heritage, with much fervor.