12-day cruise from Warnemunde (Rostock)

Warnemunde (Rostock) Looking for 12-day cruise from Warnemunde (Rostock), Germany? Discover best cruise vacations to the Northern Europe from Warnemunde (Rostock). From the British Isles to incredible Northern Lights and the magnificent Norwegian fjords and Scandinavia, via the Baltic States and Russia. These cruises are perfect getaway or last-minute cruise and offer great value over a typical cruise vacation. With accommodations, entertainment and meals included in your cruise fare, it’s easy to discover the meaning of true relaxation. Enjoy beautiful sceneries, spectacular mountains, Northern Lights and Midnight Sun tours & cruises along the amazing Nortern Europe coast from Warnemunde (Rostock), Germany.

Warnemunde (Rostock)

Warnemünde and Rostock offer a blend of history, culture, and seaside charm. Explore the idyllic streets of Warnemünde, lined with charming fishermen's cottages and bustling cafes. Take a stroll along the long sandy beach, visit the iconic lighthouse, and sample delicious seafood in the local restaurants. In Rostock, discover the rich history of this Hanseatic city through its well-preserved architecture, such as the stunning Rostock City Hall and the medieval St. Mary's Church. Delve into the lively atmosphere of the city's vibrant market squares and enjoy the bustling nightlife.

12-day Warnemunde Cruise Schedule

Warnemunde is a German port town on the Baltic Sea, near Rostock in Mecklenburg, Germany. Nearby, the Alter Strom canal is lined with shops and fishing boats. The Edvard Munch Haus, former home of the renowned expressionist painter, runs exhibitions and events. Rostock is the largest city in the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and lies at the mouth of the Warnow River on the Baltic Sea. It’s known for Rostock University, Rostock Botanical Garden and the Gothic St. Mary’s Church.