Arctic Cruises December 2022

Explore Arctic in December 2022. Embark on an Arctic cruise and experience a wilderness as you float between ice floes and icebergs along dramatic coastlines and visit quaint villages. Comfortable ships glide travelers beyond the Arctic Circle through various Arctic regions, including the Canadian Arctic, Greenland, Spitsbergen, Alaska and the Russian Far East with dramatic ice floes to walk in the footsteps of the Vikings or marvel at the breaching of a humpback whale. Cruise lines such as P&O Cruises, and others offer itineraries that visit the Arctic in December 2022.

Arctic Cruise


Set off on a Northern European Cruise to Arctic in December 2022. Discover Arctic's stunning countryside, spectacular cities and ancient towns with cruise in December 2022. Easily find and compare Arctic cruises in December 2022 from Southampton, and other Northern European ports.

Arctic Calendars and Cruise Ship Itinerary and Schedule December 2022