Althought the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to halt most cruise lines have cancelled to spring 2021, with others suspending as far as summer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still recommends avoiding cruise trips during the pandemic. The situation so far is that almost all cruises globally are suspended and will only restart depending on the authorities in each country, new health measures, and travel restrictions. Consult all applicable Centers for Disease Control travel advisories, warnings, or recommendations relating to cruise travel and check at official cruise line website.

AIDAaura Northern Europe cruise 2021


Embark on an 2021 Northern Europe cruise vacation with AIDA Cruises from AIDA Cruises to glacier carved fjords, man-made canals, Scandinavia, Baltic & North Seas. AIDAaura propose interesting and unusual itineraries to Norwegian fjords, Scandinavia and Baltic Sea. Explore some of the most remote and uncontaminated areas of the planet, where nature flaunts all of its splendour. From the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun to spectacular sights such as the Norwegian fjords and glaciers. Cruise all the way from Iceland to the Cape North, separated from the North Pole by the Svalbard Islands, in the Arctic Sea.

Northern Europe cruise with AIDAaura

Discover the wonders of Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland with AIDAaura from AIDA Cruises in 2021. Explore the gems of Russia, Baltic Sea and Norwegian fjords, where Vikings roamed and czars reigned. Cruise between some of the most fascinating cities in the world such as the fairy-tale charm of Estonia, the majesty of St. Petersburg to the warm spas of Iceland. Cruise with AIDAaura from the Northern Europe ports: Bremerhaven, Germany; Hamburg, Germany; Kiel, Germany; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Warnemunde (Rostock), Germany;

AIDAaura Northern Europe Cruise Timetable 2021

Cruise Name Cruise Line Cruise Ship Duration Date

Scotland from Hamburg

AIDA Cruises AIDAaura 11 day June 29, 2021
Ports of Call: Hamburg, At Sea, Invergordon, Kirkwall, Stornoway, Oban, At Sea, Shetland Island, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, At Sea, Bremerhaven.

Scottish Islands & Irland from Hamburg

AIDA Cruises AIDAaura 12 day May 23, 2021
Ports of Call: Hamburg, At Sea, Invergordon, At Sea, Shetland Island, Stornoway, Killybegs, Killybegs, Belfast, Portree, Kirkwall, Newhaven, At Sea, Hamburg.

Norwegian fjords & Scotland from Hamburg

AIDA Cruises AIDAaura 11 day April 28, 2021
Ports of Call: Hamburg, At Sea, Invergordon, Kirkwall, Shetland Island, At Sea, Alesund, Bergen, Eidfjord, Stavanger, At Sea, Hamburg.