Cruises to Quebec City

Quebec City, Canada

Take a memorable Alaska cruise adventure to Quebec City, Canada. Nestled along the St. Lawrence River, Quebec City welcomes cruise ships to its picturesque harbor, offering a delightful blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. As you arrive at this enchanting destination, you can expect to be greeted by stunning panoramic views of the city's iconic skyline, charming old-world architecture, and the majestic riverfront. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Quebec City's vibrant culture, explore its charming cobblestone streets, and embark on unforgettable adventures in the surrounding landscapes. From its captivating blend of European and North American influences to its breathtaking natural surroundings, Quebec City promises an unforgettable cruise experience.

Ships dock directly in the port of Quebec City, allowing passengers to disembark and step directly onto Canadian soil. The city's strategic location along the St. Lawrence River attracts a range of cruise ships throughout the year. Ships typically arrive in the morning, providing ample time for passengers to explore the city and its surroundings. Depending on the itinerary, ships may stay in the port for a day or longer, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the city's attractions. The harbor boasts modern facilities, including passenger terminals, amenities, and easy access to local transportation, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable visit.

Quebec City

Quebec City itself is a UNESCO World Heritage site and exudes an undeniable charm that captivates visitors. With its preserved historic architecture, narrow cobblestone streets, and centuries-old fortifications, the town exudes a distinctly European feel. Aerial views of the city showcase its stunning skyline, dominated by the iconic Château Frontenac, which stands proudly overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Highlights of the town include exploring the historic Old Quebec district, strolling along the lively Rue du Petit Champlain, visiting the impressive Plains of Abraham, and admiring the intricate beauty of the Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral. Immerse yourself in the city's vibrant atmosphere, indulge in boutique shopping, and savor the charming sidewalk cafés.

Quebec City is steeped in rich local and native culture, heritage, and history. From the moment you step ashore, you'll be immersed in the unique blend of French and North American influences that define the region. Explore the well-preserved historic sites, museums, and art galleries that showcase the city's cultural heritage. Engage with the warm and welcoming locals, learn about their customs, traditions, and enjoy lively conversations that offer insights into their way of life. Discover the city's role in Canada's history through visits to historic landmarks, such as the Citadel of Quebec and the Morrin Centre. Experience the vibrant celebrations of festivals like the Quebec Winter Carnival, where the city comes alive with music, parades, and winter activities.

Attractions and Activities

Quebec City and its surroundings offer a plethora of exciting outdoor activities and local excursions for adventurous souls. Explore the nearby Montmorency Falls, a majestic waterfall higher than Niagara Falls, and indulge in thrilling zipline experiences or scenic cable car rides. Discover the natural beauty of the Jacques-Cartier National Park through hiking, wildlife spotting, and canoeing adventures. For history enthusiasts, a visit to the iconic Mont-Sainte-Anne and its historic sites is a must. Embrace the beauty of the St. Lawrence River with whale-watching cruises or kayaking excursions, where you can witness marine life in its natural habitat. From fishing to cycling, golfing to winter sports, Quebec City offers an array of outdoor activities that cater to all interests and seasons.

Local Speciality

Quebec City is renowned for its vibrant gastronomic scene, offering a delightful fusion of French and Canadian cuisine. From charming bistros to elegant fine dining establishments, the city caters to all tastes and budgets. Sample traditional Québécois dishes such as tourtière (meat pie), pea soup, and sugar pie, which showcase the region's culinary heritage. Indulge in delicious poutine, a savory dish of french fries topped with cheese curds and gravy, considered a Canadian specialty. Sip on locally produced ice cider, a sweet and flavorful beverage made from apples grown in the region's orchards. Quebec City's culinary offerings are a true reflection of the area's diverse cultural influences and are sure to satisfy even the most discerning food enthusiasts.

During your visit to Quebec City, be sure to explore the local markets and shops to discover unique and locally made products. From authentic artisan crafts and traditional Indigenous artwork to maple syrup, locally produced wines, and Quebec's famous cheeses, you'll find a range of souvenirs and gifts that reflect the region's cultural heritage. Take home a piece of Quebec by purchasing locally crafted jewelry, hand-knit woolens, or Indigenous-made goods. Indulge in delectable treats like maple-infused chocolates, poutine (a beloved Canadian dish), and locally roasted coffee, allowing your taste buds to savor the flavors of Quebec.

Festivals and Events

Throughout the year, Quebec City hosts a variety of vibrant local events and festivals that celebrate its culture, heritage, and artistic flair. The Quebec Winter Carnival, held annually in February, is one of the largest winter carnivals in the world and features parades, snow sculptures, ice canoe races, and lively outdoor concerts. In the summer, the Festival d'été de Québec welcomes renowned artists from around the globe for 11 days of music and entertainment. The Festival de Cinéma de la Ville de Québec showcases international and local films, while the New France Festival brings the 17th and 18th centuries to life through historical reenactments and costumed performances. No matter the season of your visit, there is likely to be an exciting event or festival to enhance your experience in Quebec City.

Best time to visit Quebec City

Quebec City offers unique experiences throughout the year, with each season showcasing its own beauty and charm. The summer months of June to August are the most popular for cruise visits, as they offer pleasant weather and a bustling atmosphere. However, autumn (September to October) paints the city in vibrant colors as the foliage transforms, creating a picturesque backdrop for exploration. Winter (December to February) envelops the city in a magical atmosphere, with snow-covered streets, festive decorations, and the enchanting Quebec Winter Carnival. Spring (March to May) brings a fresh energy as the city awakens from its winter slumber and offers a quieter and more intimate experience. Consider your preferences and desired activities when choosing the best time to visit this captivating port of call.

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Quebec City is a captivating cruise destination that seamlessly blends history, culture, and natural beauty. From the moment you arrive at the picturesque harbor, you'll be immersed in the enchanting atmosphere of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the town's charming streets, admire its architectural wonders, and delve into the local culture and history. Embark on thrilling outdoor adventures, indulge in the city's gastronomic delights, and immerse yourself in the festivities of local festivals. Whether you're strolling through the old town's narrow alleys, savoring French-inspired cuisine, or capturing the breathtaking landscapes with your camera, Quebec City offers a truly memorable and enriching experience for every visitor.