Cruises to Hellesylt

Hellesylt , Norway

Take a memorable Alaska cruise adventure to Hellesylt , Norway. Set within the captivating beauty of the Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hellesylt is an extraordinary destination that greets its visitors with an enchanting mix of natural splendor and Norwegian charm. Located far below the Arctic Circle, this vibrant town is an incredible gateway to the awe-inspiring Norwegian Fjords. From the pristine waters to the soaring mountains and cascading waterfalls, Hellesylt is a veritable Eden. An exceptional array of marine life thrives here, while the tranquility of the fjords provides an immersive experience into Norway's extraordinary landscapes.

Hellesylt harbor is capable of accommodating both large cruise ships and smaller vessels, allowing them to dock directly at the port. Cruise ships usually arrive early in the morning, staying for several hours, enabling visitors to disembark and explore. The harbor itself is an inviting area, offering magnificent views of the fjord and nearby waterfall. Nearby facilities include a visitor center, shops, and cafes, catering to the immediate needs of cruise ship passengers.


Although small, Hellesylt is filled with charm and natural beauty. The main attraction is undoubtedly the Hellesylt Waterfall, a magnificent cascade that splits the town center and flows directly into the fjord. This picturesque town also boasts lovely old farmhouses, an ancient church, and the Hellstugubreen Glacier nearby. Hellesylt's serene ambiance invites leisurely strolls through its streets, where every turn reveals another enchanting view.

Hellesylt carries a rich history, deeply entwined with the traditions of farming and fishing. The town's heritage is preserved in the old farmhouses that dot the landscape, and in the local stories passed down through generations. Its historical significance is further illustrated by the 19th-century Hellesylt Church, which stands as a testament to the town's enduring faith and traditions.

Attractions and Activities

Hellesylt offers numerous opportunities for outdoor adventures. A boat trip to the nearby Geirangerfjord unveils stunning cliffs and waterfalls, while a guided glacier walk on the Hellstugubreen Glacier promises a memorable excursion. Hiking trails abound, leading visitors to spectacular viewpoints or the serene tranquility of the surrounding forests. For those interested in fishing, the clear fjord waters teem with opportunities.

Local Speciality

The cuisine in Hellesylt revolves around fresh, local ingredients. Local dishes often feature freshly caught fish from the fjord, such as cod or herring, while the town's bakeries serve a variety of traditional Norwegian pastries. Be sure to try the local mead, a honey-based alcoholic beverage enjoyed by the Vikings.

Hellesylt presents its visitors with an array of locally made products, perfect as souvenirs or gifts. Look out for traditional Norwegian knitwear, woodcrafts, and other handmade goods that represent the area's rich cultural heritage. Additionally, the local honey, made from the nectar of wildflowers growing in the nearby meadows, is a delicious treat not to be missed.

Best time to visit Hellesylt

Visiting Hellesylt between May and September provides pleasant temperatures and the longest daylight hours, perfect for exploring the fjords and surrounding countryside. The annual "Dei Nynorske Festspela", a festival celebrating New Norwegian culture, takes place in June and offers a unique insight into local customs and traditions.

Hellesylt Cruise Schedule

A visit to Hellesylt is more than a stop on a cruise itinerary – it's an entry into a world where nature's magnificence takes center stage. As you bid farewell to this stunning town, the memory of its cascading waterfalls, towering cliffs, and tranquil fjord will linger, a testament to the unforgettable allure of Hellesylt and the captivating charm of the Norwegian Fjords.