Celebrity Cruises, British Isles from Rotterdam, June 24, 2024

Celebrity Cruises British Isles 11-day route

Cruising from: Rotterdam, Netherlands;

Departure Date: 24 June, 2024;

Cruise Line: Celebrity Cruises;

Cruise Ship: Celebrity Silhouette;

Duration: 11-day cruise;

Ports of Call: Rotterdam, Dover, Waterford, Cork, Liverpool, Belfast, Edinburgh, Lerwick, Amsterdam;

11-day cruise to Rotterdam, Dover, Waterford, Cork, Liverpool, Belfast, Edinburgh, Lerwick, Amsterdam on board Celebrity Silhouette.

Day 0 Rotterdam, Netherlands

The port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe. The terminal is situated within the so called 'Manhattan on the Maas' right in the City Centre. The city of Rotterdam is known for the Erasmus University, riverside setting, lively cultural life and its maritime heritage. A few square kilometres of the city centre offers a complete overview of what the twentieth century has produced in terms of modern architecture.

Day 1 Dover, England

Located 70 miles to the east of London, Dover is one of the most modern and progressive cruise ports in the country, with highly trained personnel and award-winning customer service in England's southeastern county of Kent. The iconic White Cliffs of Dover are symbolic safeguards at Britain's closest point to continental Europe. There are frequent trains to London leaving from Dover Priory Station.

Day 2 At Sea, At Sea

Wonderful day at Sea.

Day 3 Waterford, Ireland

Waterford is a city in Ireland, situated at the head of Waterford Harbour. Waterford City, steeped in history, heritage and culture, represents a unique blend of modern shopping centres, traditional pubs and highly acclaimed gourmet restaurants. There is also much to do and see: the Waterford Crystal Visitor Centre, the highly praised Waterford Museum of Treasures and the Waterford Walking Tour as well as Christ Church Cathedral.

Day 4 Cork, Ireland

Cobh is a town on the south coast of Ireland, on an island in Cork city's harbour. It's known as the Titanic's last port of call which sailed from here on 14 April 1912. The centre of Cobh is compact and quite flat with a large waterside park and a good selection of bars, shops, cafes and restaurants.

Day 5 Liverpool, England

The Port of Liverpool is 7.5 miles dock system that runs on the the River Mersey. Liverpool is a city with unique attractions, exciting events, legendary football clubs and a rich musical heritage that includes the Beatles, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and other groups from the Merseybeat era.

Day 6 Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast is Northern Ireland's capital. If passing through as part of a cruise, be sure to head straight for the so-called Golden Mile, which runs from Belfast City Hall to Queen's University, and is where you'll find the majority of the city's historic attractions as well as its best bars, restaurants and cafes.

Day 7 At Sea, At Sea

Wonderful day at Sea.

Day 8 Edinburgh, Scotland

The harbor is an excellent starting place for excursions to the city's Old Town, as well as to the medieval castle and other historic landmarks in the area. The Old Town, which was constructed during the Middle Ages when there was a continual fear of assault, huddles high on the Castle Rock with a view over the surrounding plain below. On the other hand, the New Town is comprised of a breathtakingly beautiful series of streets, crescents, and terraces.

Day 9 Lerwick, Scotland

Lerwick is the main port of the Shetland Islands, Scotland, located more than 100 miles off the north coast of mainland Scotland on the east coast of the Shetland Mainland. Lerwick is home to an impressive collection of interesting attractions and places of historic significance with much to intrigue the curiosity of visitors to the city.

Day 10 At Sea, At Sea

Wonderful day at Sea.

Day 11 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a popular tourist destination for both new and returning visitors all year. Many cruise ships arriving in the Dutch capital berth at the unique premises of Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA). There is a fairytale quality to the tree-lined canal streets of Amsterdam. Boutiques, cafes, apartments, and hotels may hide behind the facades of the gabled townhouses, but the look of this beautiful old city has not changed much since its 17th-century Golden Age.

Sail with Celebrity Cruises from Rotterdam to British Isles on board Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship. Discover the best of Netherlands, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland on this British Isles cruise and discover amazing Rotterdam, Dover, Waterford, Cork, Liverpool, Belfast, Edinburgh, Lerwick, Amsterdam. Celebrity Silhouette leaving Rotterdam, Netherlands for 11 days from June 24, 2024.

British Isles cruise June 2024

British Isles cruise from Rotterdam June 2024

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