Silversea Cruises, Iceland and British Isles from Reykjavik, July 14, 2024

Silversea Cruises Iceland 12-day route

Cruising from: Reykjavik, Iceland;

Departure Date: 14 July, 2024;

Cruise Line: Silversea Cruises;

Cruise Ship: Silver Spirit;

Duration: 12-day cruise;

Ports of Call: Reykjavik, Patreksfjordur, Akureyri, Seydisfjordur, Djupivogur, Londonderry, Killybegs, Galway, Glengarriff, Cork, Southampton;

12-day cruise to Reykjavik, Patreksfjordur, Akureyri, Seydisfjordur, Djupivogur, Londonderry, Killybegs, Galway, Glengarriff, Cork, Southampton on board Silver Spirit.

Day 0 Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, on the coast of Iceland, is the country's capital and largest city. It is the centre of culture and life of the Icelandic people as well as being one of the focal points of tourism in Iceland. For passengers spending time in the city there is a wide choice of museums, galleries, restaurants and cafes. Shooping is a must too and the ultimate relaxation experience is a trip to one of the city's thermal baths and pools.

Day 1 Patreksfjordur, Iceland

Patreksfjordur is located in the Westfjords of Iceland. There are three most interesting facts about Patreksfjordur: it was named after Saint Patrick who was the spiritual guide of Orlygur Hrappsson, whose spiritual guide was St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, in this particular fjord potatoes were first cultivated in the 18th century and favorite local tourist attraction is a pirate exhibition depicting the stories of pirates that raided the Icelandic shoreline in the 15th and 16th century. It has several options for accommodation, restaurants, cafes, and a swimming pool, making it a perfect place to stay for those exploring the Westfjords.

Day 2 Akureyri, Iceland

Akureyri is a lively and energetic town and important port and fishing centre is nicknamed the Capital of North Iceland. Akureyri is great base for exploring the north's green pastures, fishing villages, mudpots, waterfalls, ski fields and whale-filled bays. The Northern Lights are one of the most spectacular shows on earth and can frequently be seen in Akureyri and surroundings from September through April on clear and crisp nights.

Day 3 Seydisfjordur, Iceland

Seydisfjordur, made up of multicoloured wooden houses and surrounded by snowcapped mountains and cascading waterfalls obscenely picturesque, is the most historically and architecturally interesting town in East Iceland. It's also a friendly place with an international community of artists, musicians, craftspeople and students. Every visitor will enjoy outdoor activities like walkng, hiking and biking and especially snowshoeing.

Day 4 Djupivogur, Iceland

Cruising to Djupivogur, Iceland.

Day 5 At Sea, At Sea

Wonderful day at Sea.

Day 6 Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Londonderry or Derry is the second-largest city in Northern Ireland and the fourth-largest city on the island of Ireland. Derry is the only remaining completely intact walled city in Ireland and one of the finest examples of a walled city in Europe. Combining tradition and modern tendencies, there are plenty of shops and boutiques, pubs with traditional Irish music as well as museums and galleries.

Day 7 Killybegs, Northern Ireland

Killybegs is a town in County Donegal in Ulster, Ireland and the second largest fishing port in Ireland. Killybegs is famous for its tapestries and carpets, some of which were produced on the biggest carpet loom in the world at the "Donegal Carpet Factory". Fintra beach, located on the outskirts of Killybegs town, consists entirely of fine golden sand and it is regarded as one of the safest beaches in Ireland.

Day 8 Galway, Ireland

Galway is the fourth largest city in Ireland and it is special because of its atmosphere, the culture, the people, and the events. Outside of Galway City, Connemara region offers spectacular scenery of valleys, mountains and lakes. The coast line is wrought into rocky inlets sheltering white sand beaches, and is studded with the beautiful Aran islands that make for interesting day trips. Galway is the unofficial cultural capital of Ireland and home to many artists, writers and artisans.

Day 9 Glengarriff, Ireland

Glengarriff is a small seaside village positioned on Ring of Beara surrounded by high rugged mountains pocked with old bogs being farmed for peat. Known internationally as a tourism venue, it boasts many natural attractions. Walking trails in the area are extensive, kayaking on the bay is regularly scheduled, and live music is frequently available in the evenings at local pubs, particularly during the tourist season.

Day 10 Cork, Ireland

Cobh is a town on the south coast of Ireland, on an island in Cork city's harbour. It's known as the Titanic's last port of call which sailed from here on 14 April 1912. The centre of Cobh is compact and quite flat with a large waterside park and a good selection of bars, shops, cafes and restaurants.

Day 11 At Sea, At Sea

Wonderful day at Sea.

Day 12 Southampton, England

Known as the cruise capital of Europe, the Port of Southampton is a passenger and cargo port located in the central part of the south coast of England. There are four dedicated cruise terminals at Southampton which play host to a wide variety of cruise lines. Southampton is one of the most lively and dynamic cities in the south of England. From bustling shops and marinas to seaside resorts and areas of outstanding natural beauty, the city and region have lots to offer.

Sail with Silversea Cruises from Reykjavik to Iceland on board Silver Spirit cruise ship. Discover the best of Iceland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, England on this Iceland cruise and discover amazing Reykjavik, Patreksfjordur, Akureyri, Seydisfjordur, Djupivogur, Londonderry, Killybegs, Galway, Glengarriff, Cork, Southampton. Silver Spirit leaving Reykjavik, Iceland for 12 days from July 14, 2024.

Iceland cruise July 2024

Iceland cruise from Reykjavik July 2024

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