Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Vikings and Viceroys from Southampton, August 20, 2024

Regent Seven Seas Cruises British Isles 14-day route

Cruising from: Southampton, England;

Departure Date: 20 August, 2024;

Cruise Line: Regent Seven Seas Cruises;

Cruise Ship: Seven Seas Splendor;

Duration: 14-day cruise;

Ports of Call: Southampton, Saint-Malo, Falmouth, Waterford, Dublin, Liverpool, Belfast, Ullapool, Kirkwall, Lerwick, Alesund, Bergen, Stavanger, Arendal, Oslo;

14-day cruise to Southampton, Saint-Malo, Falmouth, Waterford, Dublin, Liverpool, Belfast, Ullapool, Kirkwall, Lerwick, Alesund, Bergen, Stavanger, Arendal, Oslo on board Seven Seas Splendor.

Day 0 Southampton, England

Known as the cruise capital of Europe, the Port of Southampton is a passenger and cargo port located in the central part of the south coast of England. There are four dedicated cruise terminals at Southampton which play host to a wide variety of cruise lines. Southampton is one of the most lively and dynamic cities in the south of England. From bustling shops and marinas to seaside resorts and areas of outstanding natural beauty, the city and region have lots to offer.

Day 1 Saint-Malo, France

Saint-Malo, beautiful city and port in Brittany on the Channel coast, curves out to sea on a stunning natural harbour that has created some of the best sandy beaches on the Emerald Coast. Rising out of the granite rock, St Malo is a maze of medieval streets bursting with history and culture. The legacy of the dastardly pirates of the 19th century and the siege during the Second World War entwines with the bustling array of arty shops and the delicious smells of oysters and crêpes from restaurants and outdoor markets and cafes. Special attraction is Saint-Malo Walls, where every gate, bastion and view has a story to tell.

Day 2 Falmouth, England

Falmouth is a seaside town in south Cornwall. With its sandy beaches, equable climate, and spacious harbour, Falmouth is a favoured holiday resort and yachting centre. It is also known for its fortress Pendennis Castle, Maritime Museum, Falmouth Art Gallery and waterside activities.

Day 3 Waterford, Ireland

Waterford is a city in Ireland, situated at the head of Waterford Harbour. Waterford City, steeped in history, heritage and culture, represents a unique blend of modern shopping centres, traditional pubs and highly acclaimed gourmet restaurants. There is also much to do and see: the Waterford Crystal Visitor Centre, the highly praised Waterford Museum of Treasures and the Waterford Walking Tour as well as Christ Church Cathedral.

Day 4 Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, capital of the Republic of Ireland is steeped in Celtic legend, and is one of the liveliest and most historic cities in Europe. Among the many must-see highlights that the city offers is the National Museum of Ireland, which is spread out over several venues, each covering a different speciality. The famous Book of Kells can be seen in the Old Library at Trinity College, while the Christ Church Cathedral is Dublin's oldest building.

Day 5 Liverpool, England

The Port of Liverpool is 7.5 miles dock system that runs on the the River Mersey. Liverpool is a city with unique attractions, exciting events, legendary football clubs and a rich musical heritage that includes the Beatles, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and other groups from the Merseybeat era.

Day 6 Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast is Northern Ireland's capital. If passing through as part of a cruise, be sure to head straight for the so-called Golden Mile, which runs from Belfast City Hall to Queen's University, and is where you'll find the majority of the city's historic attractions as well as its best bars, restaurants and cafes.

Day 7 Ullapool, Scotland

Ullapool, a town in Scottish Highlands, is an important port and tourist destination. A destination excellent for music, arts, food and drink, festivals, history and Highland culture. Ullapool offers an excellent variety of accommodation and camping in the Highlands of Scotland surrounded by outstanding scenery, wildlife and culture.

Day 8 Kirkwall, Scotland

Kirkwall is the largest town and capital of the Orkney Islands of Scotland. The town has two museums, the larger being Tankerness House Museum, which contains items of local historical interest within one of Scotland's best-preserved sixteenth-century town-houses. At the heart of the town stands St. Magnus Cathedral, which was founded in memory of Saint Magnus Erlendsson, Earl of Orkney 1108-1117 by Earl (later Saint) Rognvald Kali.

Day 9 Lerwick, Scotland

Lerwick is the main port of the Shetland Islands, Scotland, located more than 100 miles off the north coast of mainland Scotland on the east coast of the Shetland Mainland. Lerwick is home to an impressive collection of interesting attractions and places of historic significance with much to intrigue the curiosity of visitors to the city.

Day 10 Alesund, Norway

Alesund is adventure capital of the Fjords, named Norway's most beautiful city. Some of the most spectacular buildings are located around the area Brosundet, in Kongens Gate, Brunholmen and Kirkegata. After devastating fire a new town rose phoenix-like from the ashes - in the distinctive Art Nouveau style.

Day 11 Bergen, Norway

Bergen, situated between the longest fjord Sognefjord and the beautiful Hardangerfjord is a popular cruise destination and the leading cruise port in Norway. This stunning destination is home to some of the country's top museums and galleries, so it's a fantastic place to learn more about the colourful characters that helped shape Norway's history and culture.

Day 12 Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger is the gateway to the Norwegian fjords. The city centre of Stavanger is quite compact, with original dockside warehouses and pretty 18th-century streets climbing up from a bustling harbour, which makes it easy to reach most attractions on foot. On your walk you can easily stop by some of the city's many museums, such as the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, Stavanger museum of Fine Arts and the Norwegian Canning museum.

Day 13 Arendal, Norway

Arendal was built on 7 small islands and known as Venice of the North. Amongst the many beautiful old wooden houses, you can find Arendal Old Town Hall, tallest wooden building in Norway. For real adventurers there are many locations perfect for hiking or taking a bike ride. Family activities are not excluded: visiting The Science Centre, bathing and beach fun or sea kayaking.

Day 14 Oslo, Norway

Set on the banks of the Oslofjord, which is in fact a lake, not a fjord, Norwegian capital Oslo is one of the sparsest capital cities in Europe, despite being one of the largest in terms of size. Oslo has a special combination of city life and easy access to the great outdoors. This provides lots of space for nature to thrive in the very heart of the metropolis. Outdoor activities like kayaking, skiing, hiking and cycling are just as popular within the capital as they are in the countryside.

Sail with Regent Seven Seas Cruises from Southampton to British Isles on board Seven Seas Splendor cruise ship. Discover the best of England, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Norway on this British Isles cruise and discover amazing Southampton, Saint-Malo, Falmouth, Waterford, Dublin, Liverpool, Belfast, Ullapool, Kirkwall, Lerwick, Alesund, Bergen, Stavanger, Arendal, Oslo. Seven Seas Splendor leaving Southampton, England for 14 days from August 20, 2024.

British Isles cruise August 2024

British Isles cruise from Southampton August 2024

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